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Readling between lines


1. 英語・米語を母語とする人の発言
2. 1.を発言した人の意図
3. 1.を聞いたヨーロッパ大陸の人の理解

My teammates in Europe office recently shared me a very interesting point of view on the real meaning in English, and I would like to share them with you as we, who don't speak English as our native toungue might think the same way.

For those who are the native English speakers, your intention may not be well communicated when you are speaking to non-English native speakers, such as...

Below phrases follows in order of:
1. What the English/American say
2. What the English/American mean
3. What continental Europeans understands (This could be applied to Asian, too, I guess?)

Are you ready? Ok, here we go...

1. I hear what you say.
2. I disagree and do not want to discuss it any further.
3. He accepts my point of view.

1. With the greatest respect...
2. I think you are wrong (or a fool).
3. He is listening to me.

1. That's not bad.
2. That's good or very good.
3. That's poor or mediocre.

1. Perhaps you would like to think about.../I would suggest...
2. This is an order. Do it or prepared to justify yourself.
3. Think about the idea, but do what you like.

1. When appropriate locally...
2. Do want you like.
3. Do if you can.

1. Oh, by the way.../incidentally...
2. The primary purpose of our discussion is...
3. This is not very important.

1. I was a bit disappointed that.../It is a pity you...
2. I am most upset and cross.
3. It doesn't really matter.

1. Very interesting.
2. I don't agree/ I don't believe you.
3. They are impressed.

1. Could you consider some other options?
2. I don't like your idea.
3. They have not yet decided.

1. I'll bear it in mind.
2. I will do nothing about it.
3. They will probably do it.

1. Please think about it some more.
2. It's bad idea, don't do it.
3. It's a good idea, keep developing it.

1. I'm sure it's my fault.
2. It is your fault.
3. It was their fault.

1. That is an original point of view.
2. Your must be crazy.
3. They like my ideas.

1. You must come for dinner sometime.
2. Not an invitation, just being polite.
3. I will get an invitation soon.

1. You'll get there eventually.
2. You don't stand a chance in hell.
3. Keep on trying for they agree. I'm heading in the right direction.

1. I almost agree.
2. I don't agree at all.
3. He's not far from agreement.



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投稿: way2go | 2008/02/27 00:25

> way2goさん

ま、"You must come for dinner sometime."なんてのは、


投稿: Eagle | 2008/02/27 23:05



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